We will deliver a number of services in relation to Energy and utilities management in facilities, including;

  • Complete Energy Audits
  • Manage and Monitor Energy consumption on site ensuring that the facilities are operating to the optimised utility consumption, with advice given on where improvements can be mad
  • Retro fitting of LED light fittings
  • EV Charging commissioning and installation
  • Rainwater Harvesting Systems
  • SMART Assets
  • Complete the Finance and Replacement of systems and equipment - where we guarantee our clients a lower utility bill and the new lighting or heating equipment we install will be paid for by the part of the savings. Then after a period of time the full saving goes to the client, a win – win new equipment, fittings or systems and lower costs

Sustainability and energy efficiency are of upmost importance to building owners today. Our FM teams and energy champions are up to date with the latest technologies and innovations available to ensure that our clients buildings are being run sustainably, with cost savings being implemented where possible