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  • Greenstar 
  • Coolbeg, Co. Wicklow 
  • SLR Consulting, Wiltshire 
  • December 2007 

Construction of 5 No lined Cells included the following:

  • 350,000m3 of earthworks excavation.
  • Process (Screen) and lay 50,000m3 of boulder clay liner to Cells.
  • Lay 50,000m2 of 2mm HDPE liner, geocomposite drainage membrane and geotextile.
  • Install Pumped Sub Cell drainage system.
  • Install Leachate drainage system to include 30,000 tonnes non calcareous drainstone.
  • Construct Surface Water Storage Lagoon to include 7500m2 HDPE and Clay liner.
  • Perimeter Fence - 4200lin.m.
  • Construct access roads and tracks - 1500 lin.m

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