Your Safety is My Safety;

The objective of achieving a standard of excellence in all matters in the field of health and safety is an integral part of realising our goal.

We look after ourselves, each other and society as a whole. On the construction site, on the road and in the office; Your Safety is My Safety.

Creating a safe working environment throughout BAM's supply chain is of great importance to achieving our safety objectives. This is done by

  • Strengthening the operating companies by carrying out safety behaviour audits.
  • Strengthening BAM's safety culture, supported by the Your Safety is My Safety communication campaign.
  • Continuously improving our safety performance.

Royal BAM Group's safety policy;

At BAM we develop, design, build and manage projects that meet the needs of people and the environment. By 'people' we mean everyone who is involved in or influenced by our activities: employees, clients, designers, partners, suppliers, subcontractors, buyers and citizens. The ‘environment’ refers to our respect for and protection of our planet and all its natural life forms.

This means it is our policy to carry out all working activities in a manner that exceeds our legal obligations.

We ensure that:

  • Every possible form of injury and ill health that could result from our work activities is prevented;
  • The requirements, wishes and expectations of the client are satisfied;
  • Every effort is made to prevent any negative impact that our work activities may have upon personal property and the environment;
  • Operational processes have a controlled course and are continuously improved.
  • Our safety culture campaign 'Your Safety is My Safety' is running. This campaign aims for zero accidents and that can only be achieved through a joint approach. That is what we are jointly responsible for. At all our locations, at home, on the way to work and at the office. Your Safety is My Safety' is the first uniform global safety campaign for all BAM locations.

The statements below communicate the values, ambitions and underlying principles of Your Safety is My Safety;

'Safety is unconditional. It is more important than planning or profit. More important than anything you can think of'.

‘After a hard day's work, we all want to go home safely. Get up the next day healthy and start a new working day: a safe working day'.

‘Safety is something we work on together. That's why we make all our employees aware of their responsibilities. Not only BAM's 20,000 people on the payroll, but also our partners, suppliers and the clients with whom we work on a daily basis. We take responsibility for ourselves and for each other and society; on location, on the road and in the office.'

Every employee of Royal BAM Group and its operating companies has a direct responsibility in achieving these goals. It requires good co-operation and continuous commitment. The management has an exemplary function in this process. We trust everyone to support and propagate this policy.

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Our Occupational Health & Safety Management System is certified to ISO 45001:2018.