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Killybegs & Bundoran Sewerage Schemes

  • Donegal County Council 
  • Killybegs, Co Donegal 
  • Structural Engineer:Jennings O'Donovan 
  • current 

This Contract is a Design Build and Operate form of Contract for the industrial collection system; improvements to part of the municipal network; upgrade of the primary and secondary Town pumping stations; industrial rising mains; outfall pipeline and outfall diffuser at Killybegs; with an initial operation and maintenance period of 3 years.

As part of the overall scheme, a new separate collection network will be provided for industrial waste water from the fish processing factories and from the fishmeal factory. Currently the waste water stream is a combined mixture of domestic, commercial, industrial and stormwater waste. The existing sewer discharges onto Killybeg's Inner Harbour, which has been designated as a sensitive water in terms of nutrients and one of the main objectives of this contract is to transfer waste water to the Outer Harbour.

The key infrastructure to be provided under this contract includes:

  • Industrial Collection System
  • Municipal sewers in same roadways as industrial collection system
  • Modifications to Existing Pumping Station No. 1
  • New Main Pumping Station
  • Construction of RC structures and chambers, in particular to facilitate future treated municipal effluent which will be mixed with the industrial waste water
  • Construction of a 1.5km Gravity outfall pipeline to the outfall shoreline
  • Marine outfall pipeline
  • Marine diffuser

Pipework construction will include approx 2000m of 200-300mm dia. Pressurized PVC pipe; and approx 1,100m of 300-525mm dia. of PVC gravity pipe. The project comprises of a specialist marine element of the works. The outfall pipeline will leave the shore at Drumbannan Port, some 2.6 km south southwest of the existing outfall in the Inner Harbour. Some 760 m of pipeline is to be constructed offshore, of which 615m will be constructed by directional drilling. The outfall will terminate in a diffuser arrangement.

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