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Dairygold Mallow

  • Dairygold 
  • Mallow, Co Cork 
  • Malachy Walsh & Partners 
  • December 2015 

BAM were the contractor on the upgrade of Dairygold’s Mallow facility which involved an overall investment of €70M.

The Building works were carried to an extremely tight schedule with an overall construction period of 9 Months.

This project involved a major upgrade the existing facility in Mallow, installing improving technology and re-organising the facility on site in order to future proof the facility.  All redevelopment works were within the existing site boundary.

In line with the projected increase in milk deliveries, the facility being proposed will have the capacity to receive and process 3.2million litres of milk per 24 hours, producing approximately 450 tonnes of milk powder and 10,000litres (10 Tonnes) of cream per day.  To achieve the desired improvements in processing capabilities, the following site redevelopment and infrastructural works was undertaken:

  • Upgrading the existing northern entrance access to the site for milk deliveries and for the export of finished product.
  • Construction of a new internal roadway to provide access from the upgraded northern entrance to the milk intake area.
  • Construction of a new drying and evaporator building to house additional drying and evaporation equipment.
  • Demolition of a section of an existing packing store building (bag filling and palletising building) to allow construction of the new building to house the new evaporators, dryers and packing area.
  • Construction of a new bag filling and palletising building.
  • Modifications to the existing maintenance and engineering store
  • Installation of additional silo storage tankage for raw milk, milk products, water, ingredients, chemicals, fuel.
  • Creation of a new car park for staff and visitors
  • Re organisation of existing services on site including foul and storm water services, electrical and common network systems.

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