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Derrybrien Windfarm

  • ESB International and Gort Wind Farm 
  • Derrybrien, Co. Galway 
  • Structural Engineer: Malone O’Regan, ESBI. 
  • June 2003 - March 2004 

Construction of 71 Vestas V52 850 kw turbine foundations including excavation, disposal, blinding and reinforced concrete to bases and crushed stone backfill on top of base.

Design and maintenance of approx 20 km of site access roads for all construction traffic.

Design and maintenance of 71 craneage areas adjacent to turbine foundations for a safe and suitable working platform.

Construction of ESB switchgear house and substation including all associated plinth ducts and external fencing.

Excavation and backfilling of approx 20 km of cable trench for underground cabling between turbines and substation.

Upgrade and maintain existing highway from Derrybrien village to new site

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