Career Development

BAM Business School

BAM Business School is the internal education and training academy within the Group to support knowledge creation, knowledge dissemination and knowledge adoption for employees by providing advice and training courses.

The strategy of BAM Business School is to achieve operational excellence and internationalisation of training courses.

The role of BAM Business School within the organisation has broadened. The number of operating companies the School supports is growing and in addition to providing training advice the School will now act as a business partner. By understanding staff competencies BAM Business School can deliver development programmes to help achieve organisational objectives. BAM Business School also aims to stimulate cooperation within the BAM Group by offering inter-company training courses.

BAM Business School, in supporting BAM’s strategic agenda, will help the required capabilities of BAM employees (Mobilising Capacity) to hold a strong position in the changing market, to execute projects as efficiently as possible and to implement BAM’s full potential (Mobilising Potential).

In Bunnik, a team of professionals run the BAM Business School: from development of policy and training content to maintaining everything to do with training in the academy; the central registration system, application and processing.

Examples of BAM Business Courses are:

  • BAM Manager Training
  • Performance Management Training
  • Young Management Programme
  • Supply Chain Management Training
  • Performance Management Training

Continuing Professional Development

BAM views CPD as a vital component in its strategy for business success and thus encourages all staff to satisfy the CPD requirements of their respective professional association. The CPD programme for Engineers and Technicians is accredited by Engineers Ireland.

Click here for link to CPD - Engineer's Ireland.