Earthworks and Major Plant Management

BAM Civil is competent and experienced at managing and executing earthworks projects. BAM Civil has a comprehensive and modern civil engineering plant fleet. The fleet covers the full spectrum of civil engineering needs. Maintenance programmes are implemented to ensure that plant is always in good working order. We have a policy of replacing plant within a five year period.

BAM Civil undertakes the processing and re-use of appropriate materials. This planned environmentally friendly action benefits projects and clients.

Earth Retaining Structures:
  • Gabion Walls
  • Reinforced Concrete Retaining Walls
  • Reinforced Earth Structures
  • Piled Retaining Walls
  • Soil Nailing and Rock Anchoring

Major Road Projects:

We have completed projects which required, the excavation and depositing of several million cubic metres of material.

Rock, projects include:
  • N6 Kinnegad to Kilbeggan Phase 1 – Excavation of 1.3 million m3 for Rock over a 5km length
  • M50 South Eastern Motorway - 200,000m3 of rock
  • Liffey Valley Site development involved excavation of 70,000m3 of rock which was reprocessed on site for incorporation in the works
Soft Ground, projects include:
  • N25 Waterford Bypass - excavation of 1.6 million m3
  • N6 Phase 1 - Kinnegad to Kilbeggan - excavation of 4.6 million m3
  • N6 Phase 2 - Athlone to Kilbeggan - excavation of 3.8 million m3
  • N9 Carlow Bypass - excavation of 1.8 million m3
  • M1 Dundalk Western Bypass PPP - excavation of 1.59 million m3
Contaminated Material:
  • M50 SEM – 20,000 m3 of C&D waste was recycled and reused on site and 1km of asbestos piping was removed and treated abroad.
  • BGE HQ Cork– Site Remediation - included asbestos sheet removal, demolition, R.C. breaking and crushing, excavation of 60,000 m3, segregation and shipping off site of 30,000 m3 contaminated material abroad, Disposal of Buried tar tanks and disposal of contents into steel ASP800 containers for incineration.
  • Pfizer Pharmaceutical Facility, Ringaskiddy, - Works involved the excavation and transportation of solvent saturated soils to a treatment area where the soils underwent bioremediation before being re-used as fill materials within the confines of the plant.

Basement / Site Development

  • Major Microchip Manufacturer, Leixlip – 148,000 m3
  • New Terminal Development Cork Airport – excavation of 120,000 m3
  • Linn Dubh, Blackrock Cork – excavation of 70,000 m3
  • BGE HQ – excavation of 60,000 m3
  • Bulk Pharma Plant Cruiserath – 50,000 m3
  • Bemra Buildings – excavation of 30,000 m3