Every website is obliged to inform visitors about the cookies it uses. The BAM websites use cookies. Below, we explain which cookies we use and why.

What are cookies and what do they do?

Cookies are small files that record and store in your computer the details of your activity when visiting a website. The files allow visitors to use the website and its associated plug-ins (video player, scripts) as efficiently as possible. What they do not record are personal data such as names, addresses, ages, and so on.
The purpose of the cookies on these websites is solely to make your visit as pleasant as possible and to provide BAM information about how the websites are used, which enables us to improve them. BAM does not sell any advertising space, so you will not find any cookies from advertisers.

What cookies does BAM use?

These are the cookies that BAM has installed for the functionality of the site.

ASPSESSIONID Cookies: Generated by the web server. The web server sends an ASPSessionID cookie for every user Session. The cookie is stored by that user until the Session times out or is abandoned. Cookies with no expiration specified are only valid until the browser is closed. The cookie holds absolutely no sensitive or personal information about you or your computer.

Third-party cookies

Google Analytics cookies: Set by Google Analytics scripts.

Facebook Cookies: Set when using the embedded Facebook widget.

Twitter Cookies: Set when using the embedded Twitter widget.

Flipsnack Cookies: Set when using embedded Flipsnack widget.

YouTube Cookies: Set when using embedded YouTube player.

Third-party requests

As well as cookies, there are also third-party requests. These are not cookies, so nothing ends up on your computer. Nonetheless, you send information by means of a kind of digital fingerprint. Every computer has its own unique configuration and you automatically leave this information – about your operating system or browser, for example - when you visit a website.