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Mercer’s Institute for Successful Ageing (MISA)

  • The Board of St James's Hospital 
  • James's Street, Dublin 8 
  • Architect: O'Connell Mahon Architects, Services Engineer: BDP, Landscape Arch: Stephen Diamond Associates 
  • December 2015 

This project involves the construction of a 7 storey centre of excellence for successful ageing at St. James’s Hospital under the Designed by the Contractor contract. Enclosed on a 0.88ha site, this 15,018m2 building involves significant diversions of existing hospital underground services and site clearance works, refurbishment of the existing Hospital 5, strengthening works to an existing basement on which a part of the new structure is to be constructed, and the construction of a new Multi-faith facility inside and enclosed courtyard before the construction of the pile supported concrete frame.

The building includes research facilities, consultation spaces, meeting spaces, catering facilities, day areas, roof terrace spaces, a courtyard and naturally lit foyer, conference rooms and 76 en suite bedrooms with further ward spaces to accommodate a total of 100 beds. The external areas around the new building will be landscaped to provide an external space that compliments the stone clad facility in its campus setting while providing a tranquil space to be enjoyed by the staff and patients of St. James’s Hospital.

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