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St James’s & Beaumont Hospitals NPRO

  • Health Service Executive (NPRO) 
  • Dublin  
  • MCA; JB Barry; White Young Green 
  • November 2010 

This Design & Build project falls under the National Programme Radiation & Oncology (NPRO).

The project comprised NPRO facilities at Beaumont & St James Hospitals. Each facility is 3 storeys totalling approximately 5000 m² each and in addition to specific treatment areas, includes accommodation for hospital staff for multidiscipline case conferences, staff education, patient changing rooms, waiting areas, reception, administration and staff accommodation. The unit at St James Hospital did also include a basement. Works also included the supply of all related major specialist equipment

Decant carpark facilities and substantial service diversions were to be undertaken prior to construction. BAM also undertook works to adjacent protected structures. Life safety and other installations are integrated with the existing hospital.

Each Treatment Area includes:

  • 4 Linear Accelerators and 2 CT Simulators and associated equipment which will be located in four demountable and relocatable bunkers
  • Treatment planning equipment with associated accommodation and support
  • MRI facilities
  • Brachytherapy treatment facilities

The contract included for the provision of a network link between Beaumont, and the existing St Luke's treatment centre in Rathgar, to provide for integrated treatment planning. Varian Medical Systems did provide the linear accelerators and IT systems. Challenges included:

  • Management of design in conjunction with existing hospitals and other third parties.
  • Management of planning risk
  • Working on existing acute live hospital sites
  • Aspergillus control
  • Bulk contaminated soil removal
  • Liaison with TSD and Services Investigation.

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