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Osberstown WWTP Stage 3

  • Irish Water 
  • County Kildare 
  • Structural Engineer:JB Barry & Partners 
  • December 2016 

The works comprise the expansion of the existing Waste Water Treatment Plant (WWTP) from a capacity of 80,000 Population Equivalent (PE), to a capacity of 130,000PE.

The expansion works comprised:

  • New twin gravity sewer, to be constructed under the M7 motorway;
  • Replacement / expansion of existing preliminary treatment process, comprising pumping, screening, grit removal and storm water storage;
  • Expansion of primary sedimentation process;
  • Conversion of existing advanced secondary treatment stage from existing batch process to a continuous flow process;
  • Provision of tertiary filtration process;
  • Expansion of existing sludge digestion and dewatering process; and
  • Necessary refurbishment works.

The works also include the operation and maintenance of the facilities, during the construction phase and during an extensive 12 month proving test phase.

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