Mission & Strategy

It is BAM’s mission to build sustainable environments that enhance people’s lives by enabling the right people to capitalise on state-of-the art knowledge, resources and digital technologies, while also providing solutions across the total construction life cycle for BAM’s clients and generating maximum value for its stakeholders.

At BAM we are Building the present while creating a sustainable future for all. BAM’s vision and unique culture are underpinned by four values;

  • Open collaboration (I share, so we all gain)
  • Proactive ownership (I take initiative to prevent, rather than fix)
  • Scalable learning (I ask, listen and support, so that we learn collectively)
  • Predictable performance (I deliver what I promise)

In line with BAM’s corporate strategy 2016-2020 ‘Building the present, creating the future’ sustainability is used as the overarching term to include the broader focus on sustainable innovation, being solutions driven (to exceed client expectations) and benefits derived from its use of digital construction.

BAM’s ultimate goal is to have a positive impact, so we can deliver more value for our clients. By collaborating with our supply chain, encouraging innovative thinking through our products, and realising the benefits of circular economic business models, we aim to have a net positive impact in the long term (towards 2050). The Sustainability Strategy is developed in line with our new corporate strategy 2016-2020; ‘Building the present, creating the future’. As with the corporate strategy, the sustainability strategy sets out key objectives and targets for the period 2016-2020 and some longer term goals to work towards. The new sustainability strategy encompasses the People and Planet strands of the Strategic Agenda/ BAM House and is focused on creating more value for our clients and key stakeholders in the long term. This means focusing on not just our own (direct) impacts (such as the carbon we emit and waste we produce) but the lifecycle impacts of the products and services we deliver and the positive impact we can have for people and planet. The Sustainability Strategy is focused on the three key themes of climate positive, resource positive and enhancing lives.

Climate positive
  • Mission: Having a net positive impact on climate change.
  • Reducing our own emissions towards zero;
  • Contributing to wider national / international emissions reductions;
  • Contributing to climate change adaptation / resilience;
  • To be placed on CDP A List by 2020 (already achieved);
  • Achieve at least 10 per cent relative emissions reduction across scope 1, 2 and 3 by 2020.

Resource positive

Mission: Having a net positive impact by designing and building regenerative and restorative projects.

  • Protecting natural capital over the life cycle of our built environment;
  • Eliminating waste, using regenerative materials, creating opportunities to retain value of material at their highest level;
  • Using resources which are healthy, natural and safe;
  •  Source 100 per cent sustainable certified timber by 2020;
  • To achieve 20 per cent less construction waste by 2020.

Enhancing lives

Mission: Having a positive impact on society and people.

  • To have happy, healthy and well trained employees;
  • Leaving positive legacies in the communities we work in;
  • Educating the next generation ensuring a future pipe line of skills;
  • Creating opportunities for marginalised, disadvantaged, hard to reach people;
  • Supporting charities which our people relate to;
  • Enhance 20,000 lives in local communities by 2020.