Building a sustainable tomorrow

It is BAM’s mission to build sustainable environments that enhance people’s lives by enabling the right people to capitalise on state-of-the art knowledge, resources and digital technologies, providing solutions across the total construction life cycle for BAM’s clients and generating maximum value for its stakeholders.

At BAM we are Building the present while creating a sustainable future for all. BAM’s vision and unique culture are underpinned by four values;

  • Open collaboration (I share, so we all gain)
  • Proactive ownership (I take initiative to prevent, rather than fix)
  • Scalable learning (I ask, listen and support, so that we learn collectively)
  • Predictable performance (I deliver what I promise)

In line with BAM’s corporate strategy 2016-2020 ‘Building the present, creating the future’ sustainability is used as the overarching term to include the broader focus on sustainable innovation, being solutions driven (to exceed client expectations) and benefits derived from its use of digital construction.

Enhancing lives Mission: Having a positive impact on society and people.

  • To have happy, healthy and well trained employees;
  • Leaving positive legacies in the communities we work in;
  • Educating the next generation ensuring a future pipe line of skills;
  • Creating opportunities for marginalised, disadvantaged, hard to reach people;
  • Supporting charities which our people relate to;
  • Enhance 20,000 lives in local communities by 2020.