BAM Community Benefit Fund awards 24 community grants totalling €50,000

4th January 2023

We have recently announced the award of 24 community grants totalling €50,000. These grants were awarded to projects that focus on building stronger communities, greener communities, recreation, sports, arts and culture and education and employment opportunities across the communities of Dublin 8 and 12.

In addition, Further Education Bursaries have also been awarded to aspiring healthcare and construction students from the area who face challenges in taking up further studies with three students awarded funding in 2021, five in 2020 with a further four receiving one-off bursaries. 2022 saw a record number of applicants with 10 students selected to receive financial support.

In January 2020, BAM’s Community Benefit Fund for the New Children’s Hospital was launched. The purpose of the Community Benefit Programme is to ensure that people living close to the hospital benefit from its development in their locality. The €500,000 fund spans a 3-year period. Between 2020 and 2022, €150,000 was allocated to the Community Grants Scheme and 163 applications were submitted. Following a rigorous evaluation process, 68 groups and organisations based in Dublin 8 and 12 have now benefitted from the Community Grants Scheme.

BAM’s Community Benefit Fund for the NCH supports a number of thematic actions including:

  • Community Grants Scheme
  • Educational Bursaries for third level and further education studies in construction and healthcare
  • Cultural, Arts and Sports Programme
  • Activities related to the Community Benefit Programme for the new children’s hospital

Since the commencement of the project over 1,000 children and young people have engaged within the different activities and events organised by the Community Benefit Programme

Denis McCarthy, Director, BAM Ireland said: “Delivering the New Children’s Hospital and establishing the Community Benefit fund is an important example of what we do at BAM to enhance people’s lives. It has been very humbling and a great pleasure for the BAM team to collaborate with the Community Benefit Programme to assist the people, businesses, education hubs, and community groups in the locality to reach their full potential”.

Gordon Jeyes, Chairperson of the Community Benefit Oversight Group and Chair of BAM’s Community Benefit Fund for the new children’s hospital said:“The resources provided through BAM’s Community Benefit Fund have sustained a wide variety of activity benefiting the whole of the community but many are of particular significance for the children and young people of Dublin 8 and 12.   The community grants support a really wide range of activities aimed at the holistic needs of children and young people, be that through participation in education, training, sports and arts activities or supporting particular or additional needs they may have.  I am also delighted to see so many young people from the area aspiring to careers in health and construction.  The bursaries have allowed some of those who face particular challenges to have some financial security, but I hope also take from receiving the award a sense of our belief in them.”

Ingrid McElroy, Community Benefit Programme Manager said: “The new children’s hospital Community Benefit Programme has already made a significant impact in the local community and the amount of new entrant employment delivered due to the innovative Community Benefit clause contained in the construction contracts to date stands at 72% of the agreed target. 109 Community Benefit positions have been filled and 60% of these workers live in Dublin 8 & 12; these are construction related roles including new apprenticeships, graduate trainees, and work experience positions”.

“In 2022 we received a record number of bursary applications from local students aspiring to become health and construction professionals.  The quality of the students was outstanding from both personal and academic perspectives and the interview panel found them to be truly inspiring young people.

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