Newmarket Square Hotel wins BIM Excellence Award at Irish Construction Excellence Awards

10th June 2024

The Newmarket Square Hotel project designed collaboratively by BAM, Reddy Architecture + Urbanism (Architects); Barrett O’Mahony Consulting Engineers (Engineering) won the BIM Excellence Award at the recent Irish Construction Excellence Awards.

The Project:

The Newmarket Square Hotel project consisted of the construction of a new build, mid-market hotel with 151 bedrooms over 8 floors including ground floor bar and restaurant facilities in the heart of Dublin, providing much needed tourist accommodation for a growing city.

Digital Technology

Utilising a digital-first approach provided a fully transparent and auditable process, meaning BAM had better visibility on the performance and engagement of the full project team including architects, engineers and specialist contractors.


Although BIM wasn’t a contractual requirement for this project, the BAM team used the ISO 19650 process, resulting in significant improvements to the project delivery due to the advanced technology and workflows it offers. 3D models were used to bring all project stakeholders around the table and easily collaborate as a coherent team.

The project team structure included a BIM Specialist from Digital Project Solutions, providing the team with first-hand experience of BIM technology and processes, training the team in using modern BIM technology to support their own deliverables on the project.

The Result

In delivering Newmarket Square Hotel using this system, BAM ensured the project was delivered with more certainty, less waste and improved efficiencies across the board. The Newmarket Square project shows that by making BIM an everyday tool, the process can be made more efficient

This award is a great achievement for BAM and the Newmarket Square Team, showcasing the fantastic digital work we are making possible on our projects.



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