Reilly's Bridge at Ratoath Road Opens

25th February 2015

BAM began work  on the new bridge in June 2013 and it has been completed to schedule.

The project links the Ratoath Road from a point approximately 300 metres south of the existing level crossing to the Ballyboggan Road junction to the north. Works included the construction of 500 metres of road, a bridge over the railway and canal and a junction with the Ballyboggan Road.

The new bridge will greatly help with the traffic flow on the Ratoath Road which provides a very widely used north-south connection from the North Inner City and Cabra to Finglas.  Increased traffic and pedestrian safety together with the reduction in traffic congestion in the area will enable improved accessibility and linkages at peak and off peak times for work, shopping and leisure purposes. The road will also provide a much needed improvement to pedestrian and cycle facilities along this section of the Ratoath Road.

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