Beat Range Anxiety

29th September 2022

Justin Mitchell discusses how you can beat Range Anxiety and make the switch to electric.

One of the most common concerns people have with getting an electric vehicle is the range. Typically, a petrol car will go for around 400 miles before having to refuel but most electric cars only have a range of 200 – 300 miles. This means on longer journeys you may not be able to reach your destination on one charge. No one wants to have a low battery when they are stuck in a traffic jam on the M6 or looking for a charging station, but how likely is this scenario for drivers?
The key to preventing range anxiety with electric vehicles is to fully understand how you currently use your vehicle. UK research shows that the average person drives 25 miles in a day, this means for the majority of drivers, only occasional long distance trips such as visiting relatives or going on holiday, would cause them to get close to their vehicles full range. But even then, there is no need to worry.
Everyone is used to seeing petrol stations as they drive along but few people notice the EV charging points that are appearing all over the country. There is the perception that the UK only has a small number of charging points but in fact that’s not the case. Currently we have 8,378 operational petrol stations, compared to 33,281 charging points in 20,366 locations of which 6,084 are rapid chargers, a 36% increase since July 2021 – this does not even include the 400,000 chargers which are in people’s homes or workplaces.

On World EV Day BAM’s employees discuss how their experiences of going electric.

To make things easier, apps like Zap Map help people locate chargers near their location or route taking away the worry of not being able to find a charger for your car and enabling you to plan charging stops on longer road trips. Unlike a petrol car you can charge your vehicle without even having to leave the comfort of your home, with a charger on your drive or in your garage – it’s like having your own petrol pump at home!
Even if you drive your vehicle more than average, range anxiety should be a thing of the past. BAM Charging solutions work closely with our clients to understand how you use your vehicles, using the telematic data within your vehicles to see each journey, mileage and dwell times. This helps us to plan where chargers could be installed, how many you need and the charging speed they should be. We also ensure that you are connected to the best available tariff. All these steps allow you to make the best use of your CAPEX, while minimising your reliance on the public charging infrastructure to ensure your vehicles are on the road when you need them to be.
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