BAM Engineers go back to School

12th February 2015

As part of the SB3 schools bundle we saw the build of a number of schools across the breadth of the country. Today those schools are filled with students with hopes and aspirations for their future.

To help those students make decisions about their future 8 Engineers have volunteered to go back to school as part of the Engineers Week programme.

Amy Wilson, Aisling Murray, Jason Bolger, Conor Nolan, Chris Connolly, Tim Finn, Brian Holmes and Fiachra O’Muineachain will for one day swap their hard hat for some “chalk and talk”.

Each engineer has volunteered to go back in to a school where they were involved with the initial construction.  They will show students how their school started as a green field, and the construction process that delivered the school and classrooms they are sitting in today.

During the session, students will see photos as the project progressed and learn about the challenges the engineers faced along the way. They will learn about the role of an Engineer during construction and get an opportunity to ask questions to enable them make decisions about choosing a career in Engineering.

We would like to sincerely thank the guys for volunteering and we wish them the best of luck on the day. 

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