BAM Enhancing Communities Where We Work (Feb 21, 2018)

At the New Children’s Hospital Site at St James’s Campus BAM has helped some in the local community to secure employment as part of the community benefit programme to ensure local employment and training opportunities are maximised.

Over the last year, four people from the Dublin 8 and 12 area have been employed full-time in roles such as engineer’s assistants, site administrators and general operatives. A further 14 were hired for shorter periods.

At least 100 others will be employed over the next four years, with the opportunities aimed at the unemployed, young people and those new to the construction industry.

BAM has organised training and mentoring of the new workers as well as work experience placements for students during the construction phase. During the preparatory phase, BAM sourced a third of contracts from companies based in Dublin 8 and 12.

BAM are involved in 3 projects for the New Children’s Hospital:

  1. NCH Enabling Works at James’s Hospital Campus  - works associated with establishment and preparation of the site for the construction of the new children’s hospital project including demolition works and utility diversions.

  2. NCH Main Works at St James’s Hospital Campus  - the construction of The New Children’s Hospital; a 7 storey campus comprising 160,000m2 of accommodation. The new hospital will include over 6,150 rooms, 4 acres of outdoor gardens and external space and 380 individual inpatient rooms each having their own en-suite and a bed for parents to sleep near their sick child.

  3. NCH Satellite Hospitals at Blanchardstown & Tallaght - The two satellite centres at Tallaght and Connolly Hospitals will provide urgent care and general paediatric & trauma orthopaedics OPD services, chronic disease management, diagnostics and to support community and home based services.

Pictured: Ross Burns (21) from Inchicore has been working as an engineer’s assistant on the site for the last 18 months. Ross studied architecture for two years but found it difficult to get employment. Once his contract with BAM at the NCH is finished he plans to return to college to study civil engineering. (Image: julienbehalphotography)


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